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David Seymour is the Leader of ACT and the Member of Parliament for the Epsom electorate.

David is a graduate of Auckland Grammar and the University of Auckland (in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy). Before entering Parliament in 2014, he worked as an engineer, and for two private sector think tanks in Canada, and on the legislation that allowed Partnership (Charter) Schools.

Since entering Parliament, David has been the MP for Epsom, Leader of ACT, and a Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the John Key Government. In this time he has been responsible for Charter Schools, Regulatory Reform, and passing the End of Life Choice Act.

He has become known as a principled proponent of issues such as free speech, opposing wasteful Government spending, and standing up for due process in lawmaking. At critical times, he has voted alone against the entire parliament.

At home in the Epsom electorate he has fought doggedly on behalf of constituents, sometimes pursuing cases over several years. He has advocated for the electorate on major issues such as leading the local opposition to the Government’s proposed removal of community governance of state schools.

Some may also recall his disastrously successful run in the 2018 season of Dancing with the Stars.

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