What I Believe

The Epsom electorate suburbs of Mt Eden, Newmarket, Parnell, Remuera, and Epsom itself are overwhelmingly defined by education and aspiration. There are 30 schools in an area of only 20 square kilometres, and the electorate boundaries are almost identical to major school zones. People have come here for hundreds of years for a better life, and that continues to this day.

My own story is quintessentially Epsom. I left home to board in the electorate at age 13 because I wanted to attend Auckland Grammar. My values and policy positions reflect this spirit of aspiration through education that I believe is at the core of our electorate.

I see it as a great privilege to represent my neighbours in Parliament. I regularly knock on doors, attend local events, meet constituents in my office, and conduct scientific polling to ensure that my representations in Parliament reflect your views. I welcome your feedback through the channels advertised on this website.

After working as an electrical engineer, I spent five years working for private sector think tanks in Canada. I also spent a year working in Parliament on the Partnership (Charter) School legislation. A robust understanding of public policy is essential for being an effective MP.

I believe the role of Government is to provide essential infrastructure; insure against misfortune through healthcare, free education, and benefits where necessary; and regulate against genuine conflicts of interest, including conflicts with the natural environment.

However, we must acknowledge that every dollar spent by Government must be taken from taxpayers, every regulation restricts possibility. Abrupt and erratic Government activity erodes confidence and reduces human flourishing. My voting record in Parliament reflects a healthy skepticism of what Government can achieve once the costs of its activities are taken into account.

On conscience issues I reflect the views of the Epsom electorate. I have sponsored the End of Life Choice Act to give compassion and choice to those suffering at the end of their life. On abortion, I have unapologetically stood for a woman’s right to choose.

On law and order, we must ensure that policy is set to protect the needs of law-abiding citizens, and victims in particular, first. However, we must also recognize the paradox that effective rehabilitation of prisoners is one of the most efficient ways to promote public safety.