Street Corner Meetings Near You

Remuera East

Sunday 13th September

10:30am Cnr Victoria Ave & Sonia Ave
11:00am Cnr Victoria Ave & Waiata Ave
11:30am Cnr Victoria Ave & Combes Rd
12:00pm Cnr Orakei Rd & Rangitoto Ave
12:30pm Cnr Orakei Rd & Dell Ave
1:30pm Cnr Benson Rd & Upland Rd
2:00pm Cnr Lucerne Rd & Martin Ave
2:30pm Cnr Benson Rd & Ngapuhi Rd
3:00pm Cnr Ventnor Rd & Lucerne Rd


Saturday 26th September

10:30am Cnr Mt. St. John Ave & Margot St
11:00am Cnr Gillies Ave & Ranfurly Rd
11:30am Cnr Cornwall Park Ave & Wapiti Ave
12:00pm Cnr Watling St & Ferryhill Rd
12:30pm Cnr Onslow Rd & Goldsmith Rd
1:30pm Cnr The Drive & Empire Rd
2:00pm Cnr The Drive & Heywood Crescent
2:30pm Cnr Golf Rd & Hay Place
3:00pm Cnr Gladwin Rd & Lewin Rd
4:00pm Cnr Gardner Rd & Emerald St

Mt. Eden

Sunday 4th October

10:30am Cnr Seccombes Rd & Mangawhau Rd
11:00am Cnr Mountain Rd & Almorah Rd
11:30am Cnr Gillies Ave & Domett Ave
12:00pm Cnr Owens Rd & Marama Ave
12:30pm Cnr Windmill Rd & Hasbury Ave
1:00pm Cnr Dexter Ave & Mewburn Ave
1:30pm Cnr Fairview Rd & Croydon Rd
2:00pm Cnr Valley Rd & Ashton Rd
2:30pm Cnr Sherbourne Rd & Bellevue Rd